Patty B News Your Future Home on the Trail? I love this idea. Building housing around safe trails connecting neighborhoods. What could be better? Would you like to live there?
Patty B News Featured in the News: Absurd Requests Ranked: 8 Absurd Real-Life Real Estate Requests Trulia featured a truly bizarre article on requests that real estate agents received from clients- and granted. Here's the strangest request I've received… for meow…  No cat? No sale “The most absurd request I got during a home sale was for the cat to be included in the […]
Patty B News by w4l3XzY3 by w4l3XzY3
Patty B News Featured in the News: US Housing Market US Housing Market Gaining Steam I was recently interviewed for this article from HomeVestors, Inc. commenting on the thriving housing market and how it continues to gain steam.  Here's my excerpt:  In Portland’s market, there is almost no inventory of residential properties to purchase or rent. Based on our projected increase of population in the next […]
Real Estate Market 5-in-10: 5 Ways that Real Estate changed over 10 years     5 Ways that Real Estate has Transformed in the Last Decade   The market here is seeing impressive demand, with Oregon becoming one of the fastest growing states. A steady and increasing influx of people have moved into the Portland area, with the population projected to reach over 3 million by 2035. I recently realized that the housing inventory […]
Uncategorized Has Housing Hit Bottom? Check out this article about the real estate market. While things have been sliding downward since 2007, there are many areas of the country where evidence shows markets may be at the elusive "bottom". In the Portland area in recent months, we have seen an increase in the sales activity and is some neighborhoods, close […]
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